Doesn't the existence of intersex people actually help the radical feminist point of view rather than hinder it? Because, from what I understand, radfems don't say "we have to categorize people into to genders based on their sex", they say "society FORCES people into genders b/c of their sex." If radfems got their way, no one would have a problem with intersex babies b/c they wouldn't need to force them into masculinity or femininity. Right? (I'm not a full-up radfem, but I'm learning a lot)


Pretty much, but I try to avoid bringing up Intersex people, because they’ve asked as a community to be left out of it. I routinely rip trans activists for using them as rhetorical points, so I’m hesitant to do the same thing.

But yes. You’re correct; coercively reassigning ambiguous genitalia is anathema to Radfem philosophy.

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And a worgen frost mage is a chili dog.

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Woman Slashed In Neck After Ignoring Man


"He tried talking to the woman and when she turned away, he grabbed her from behind and used some sort of cutting instrument to slash her neck, according to police. 

The victim was taken to the hospital, where she was listed in critical but stable condition.”

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parental figure: “sit like a lady”



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Squidward kept this shit real

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The Signs and their Rooms
Aries: Messy, messy, messy. 'The chair' (you know which chair I'm talking about) has probably disappeared among all their clothes. Theory is that it probably fused to the ground.
Taurus: They have an ingrained connection with every single one of their possessions. They know you moved that sock 0.2 meters to the left don't deny it.
Cancer: Their room is their sanctuary. Probably going through an ant invasion because of all the food they eat there. Most likely to have a secret food stash.
Leo: Usually organized, though they can be lazy. They probably don't move enough to have a mess.
Libra: Probably unlivable until they decide Today is the Day and organize everything. They get bored halfway through and go back to feeling sorry for themselves because their rooms aren't pretty.
Scorpio: The walls are full with their interests. The mess control is manageable. Once you go in, it might be too dark to find your way out.
Sagittarius: Doesn't care at all about mess. Until they see someone else's clean room and their competitive gene appears. Soon it dies down and they go back to not caring.
Pisces: Clutter is their natural habitat. They probably don't remember the last time they turned on the lights. The windows have never been opened. An excavation team is needed to find the floor. Until people come over, then it's DEFCON 4 and everything is either organized or hidden.
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(different anon) I'm just so confused as to when this change occurred and what your reasoning is? I still like your blog I just haven't seen your thought process to call yourself a radfem? Obviously you don't owe us an explanation (though it would be cool if you could explain vagina feminism in your context maybe?) but I still thoroughly like you and your blog, and you're a smart person so it'd be cool to know. Have a good day xx


Hey!! Oh gosh I would love to! I appreciate you for being so kind and actually acknowledging my shift in perspective and not jus demanding in my inbox: “r u a terf” “ur a radfem???” “so u think trasnmisogyny dont exist” “wot happen!!!??” Of course I’ll have a discussion about my politics but ya gotta throw me a bone!!!!! And you did, so thank you very much anon. 

I will prepare by saying that I don’t know if I have the energy or time to get it all out proper now, but it’s been a pretty long and hard process with lots of thinking and considering of experiences I have had as well as experiences that I know to exist although have no way of experiencing for myself. If I think about my journey to radical feminism as fluid throughout my whole life, it’s taken me much to get here and I don’t think one moment in my 22 years has not contributed to where I am today. It’s like everything I’ve learned and seen and heard in my life has been growing the seed of radical feminism inside of me. I haven’t forced this, and it’s kind of nice to finally have this perspective be in my conscious reality. I’ve come from a lot of internalized misogyny and hatred of myself and this world for what it does to people like me who are oppressed simply for being born with our sex, so coming out as a radfem is really empowering!!

Anyway, I started out as a what one may label a liberal feminist, so I can understand the confusion. As I continue, I do want to say that I am sympathetic to people who experience dysphoria and I always will be! And as always I try to see kind in those who try similarly. What I have become unsympathetic to is the current wave of transgender liberal identity politics, and the abuse it is perpetuating. 

I think I may have subscribed to transgender liberal identity politics, following trans people’s blogs on tumblr, reblogging advice and reminders, following social justice news, etc. for about a year before I started to notice a few things.

This is what I have noticed about tumblr social justice 2k14:

  • This current transgender liberal identity movement is a lot like a fad. It’s spreading fast, it’s sensationalized. It is being marketed and it is being marketed well. It’s a money maker and it is dirty politics and that can’t be denied. It is not a social revolution for the people. It is not interested in dismantling oppressive institutions, but rebranding them as acceptable under a different name, such as gender identity. This movement is not for women and this movement is not for people who experience body or sex dysphoria. I sympathize with trans people, and I sympathize with the trans people who realize this movement is not for them. 
  • There is a ton of unchecked sexism and miosgyny in transgender liberal identity politics. Period. I can’t stress this enough. Slurs flying here and there without criticism, fetishization of the female experience, silencing of the female experience, rebranding of the female experience, denial of the female experience, etc. I literally cannot get into how much female oppression I have seen in the name of “cissexism,” which is the new sexism if you haven’t heard.
  • The focus of this movement is supposedly transphobia and the rights of trans people, but take two days in the world of tumblr social justice 2k14 and you’ll know that the real issue is trans misogyny and the real solution is the worship of trans women. TRANS WOMEN ARE PERFECT. TRANS WOMEN DO NO WRONG. Watch this trans women call this women a b*tch for not accepting her female penis! Does this make sense on any planet!! Basically, what I’ve seen is a lot of activism in the name of “transgender rights” that is outright exclusive of the rights of women born women, trans men, and non-binary trans people. 
  • There is dangerous denial of female sex-based oppression in the transgender liberal identity movement. To the point where even pre-op trans women feel entitled to women’s only spaces, most of which are meant for survivors of sexual assault. If you’re a survivor of sexual assault good luck being heard, unless you’re a trans women.
  • There is a delusional focus on pronouns and gender non-conformity. Trans people are being refused treatment because they are not taken seriously, parents are googling transgender and seeing people who think they are dragons and refer to themselves as bunself. Nounself is a joke and a farce and it laughs in the face of sex-based oppression experienced by women that is facilitated through gender and gender roles (but that’s just hersay). Calling myself by bun pronouns does not change my biological reality (female), how others perceive me (women; but they may think I’m nuts), or do anything about the issue of patriarchal forced gender roles. If anything, it makes the roles more insidious because of the cute and fluffy presentation of these pronouns and the fact that gender is still being used as a tool by the patriarchy.
  • There is an outright denial of biology and the fact that life is construed in a radically different way for each of the sexes, sorted on the basis of physical sex differences. This is not a social accident, this is patriarchy at work. Sexism is still a thing, sadly, and women like myself are finding they cannot talk about our oppressions without continually being derailed by “cissexism” and trans women’s feelings. This has been my blog for the past few days, literally. I mean we just got personhood last century, we haven’t even had the vote for one hundred years, give me a fucking break.
  • There is ignorant appropriation of the Gay and Lesbian movements of the late 20th century, as well as feminism; mostly deviating from the second wave and appropriating of what is being now called the “third wave.” Trans people deserve their own movement, they do not need to ride on the tails of others. It is incredibly hard to talk about lived female experiences within feminism when we have to censor our lived female experiences. Liberal feminism is an unfortunate example of this, and is a mess of call-out culture and abuse for referring to abortion access and reproductive justice as a women’s issue and talking about periods without trigger warnings for trans women who may be jelly or something. *shrug*
  • There is appropriation of people who are born with disorders of sexual development. I recognize that some intersex people identify with transgender liberal identity politics and are trans, although this is not the reality of all intersex people and trans activists seem to forget that. I don’t recall there being an international vote for intersex people to join the #transgender umbrella# but who knows. 
  • Women are not allowed to have women only spaces. Never. Ever. Don’t even think about it did you think about it??? I mentioned this above in context of rape crisis centres, but even festivals and concerts are not allowed to be female only. I mean take MichFest, all we want is one week with music and nature and ladies only, how obscene is that when there are literal country clubs that still ban women. Hell I’m in female hysterics just thinking about it!
  • Trans women are more real than women because they have been made and have found themselves despite their testosterone poisoning and dick. If you make the distinction between penis and vagina you are cissexist and also trash and didn’t I mention above that biology is a social construct and gender is cool?
  • Terf is a slur and is used to dehumanize and disregard, mostly women, who make criticisms of transgender liberal identity politics. It’s used to silence. 
  • Women are being labeled without their consent. After only a few months of being aware of “cis” I literally feel like I HAVE TO USE THE LABEL CIS TO IMPLY I AM TAKING ABOUT ACTUAL WOMEN, not for myself but because OTHERS ACTIVELY ARE REDEFINING what it is to be a women and will go out of their way to misconstrue what I am saying. And apparently cis women “privilege” is a thing??? 
  • The Cotton Ceiling. Need I say more?
  • If you reblog from a TERFOMG that is a thoughtcrime against humanity but reblogging from self-admitted rapists is cool beans.
  • Lots of women hate, vagina hate, radical thinker hate, etc.
  • NEWWAVE MRA m’lady *tips hat*
  • I could go on for years probably but I have to poo.

To sort of conclude, these concerns began as very general, very unconscious gut feelings. Eventually I became more and more aware of feeling uncomfortable with what I was noticing and I began to pick out what exactly my gut didn’t agree with. I felt I wanted to write about what I was concerned with, ideas I had that felt relevant from my perspective, but I couldn’t; many transgender liberal identity political sympathizers and activists were following me and I was wary of triggering trans women.

That is to say, this is my blog. This is my safe space. Why shouldn’t I feel safe here to post what I think? I made a post a while back that alluded to my issue, I didn’t want to trigger anyone, I wanted to be respectful of everyone, ect, and a trans women basically gave me the ok to talk about my experiences on my blog.

And it dawned on me: I just got the ok from someone male-bodied to talk about my female-bodied experiences. THIS IS MY OPPRESSION.

And did it ever dawn on me.

From that moment I realized that I need to stand up for myself and for women, because no one else will.

If you’ve any more questions anon, feel free. If you want to chat privately that’s cool too. 


Edits made are for spelling and grammar.

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This is my newest, favorite Gumball clip. I just had to post it. 


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break the rules


break the rules

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The ultimate dad joke compilation

Reblog for “Robeneros”

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i have no time for “”“”“”“”transbians”“”“”“”“” seeyabye

Wtf is that even supposed to mean????

trans women who identify as lesbians/believe that lesbianism isnt females…

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and this is for all the white people that think it’s okay to say nigga

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